Yes, you can find them at the bus station in El Chaltén.

The nearest airport is in El Calafate, located 300 kilometres away from El Chaltén. In order to get to El Chaltén, it is possible to buy bus tickets.

To get to the Río Eléctrico bridge where the trail starts, there are daily trips made by private transportation companies departing from El Chaltén.

Yes, it is possible to bring and consume your own food in the refuge.

We recommend bringing trekking footwear, thermal clothing and a winter/warm jacket.

Yes, you can drink potable water from the river along the trail and from the tap in the refuge.

The weather in El Chaltén and its surroundings is highly unpredictable, with chances of witnessing rain and a clear sky on the same day. Usually, the summer season is windy, with medium temperatures between 6°C and 16°C.

No, the access of dogs and other pets to the National Park and to Los Huemules reserve is forbidden.

Yes, the refuge offers vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free meals with prior notice.

Yes, it is required to book to stay overnight at the refuge.