piedra del fraile

One of the first refuges in the area, a true classic.

Protected from the wind in the heart of the Electric River valley, this place has offered comfort to the world’s most experienced climbers and mountaineers, as well as to trekkers who arrive in the area for the first time.

Perfect for spending the night in a tent or inside the refuge, and getting stunned by the marvellous spots and views of the valley.


· From Poincenot campsite (within National Park) via Rio Blanco bridge 3.30hs approx
· From Route 15 where you can circulate with your own vehicle or transfers that go back and forth from Chalten, 2 hours approx


· Camping
· Dorms (2 rooms for 4pax / 1 room for 6pax)
· Shared bathrooms
· Restaurant

Self-guided activities

· Piedra Negra
· Paso del Cuadrado
· Lago Eléctrico
· Laguna Pollone


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